(February 2010 – Present)
Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine, CA.
Taught by Bud and Bunny Barth, and Allison Moffett

Voice Over 1 – Radio commercials, narration, animation, industrial, and marketing talent

Voice Over 2 – Continued, advanced voice over material

Voice Over 3 – Spokesperson
– Taught to be a spokesperson in industrial and trade show work
– Became proficient on the TelePrompTer and wireless ear prompter

Voice Over 4 – Radio theater, audio books, dialects
– Developed dialects of New York, American Southern, American North Eastern, and Southern British
– Learned how to sustain characters in radio theater and audio books

Voice Over 5 – Advanced animation
– Intensive advanced work on animation voices
– Created and sustained original characters
– Practiced ADR on both animation and drama television clips

Voice Over 6 – Advanced narration
– Refined interpretation skills, focus, and delivery for strength and consistency
– Practiced recording using a scratch track
– Material geared towards medical, technical, travelogues, industrial reads, The History Channel, Biography, and instructional tapes and videos